Certified Soft Skills Trainer

As a Certified Soft Skills Trainer with Success Training Institute (aka Impact U Enterprises), you will acquire skills that can be monetized in several ways. First, you will be able to conduct independent soft skills training workshops, seminars, and coaching sessions with those in your circle. Next, you will be able to market yourself as a subject matter expert, opening the door to even more opportunities to showcase your talents as a trainer. 

Additionally, you have the chance to be selected by Success Training Institute to fulfill training requests we receive from organizations in your area. You can also build a team of professional trainers and earn override commissions from their sales efforts. Lastly, you can earn commissions by referring our retail and corporate online training services to those in your network.  

The lessons in these modules are designed to help you become a more effective learning and development training professional; while simultaneously introducing you to key soft skills training competencies. Soft skills are multi-faceted, and you will be introduced to an array of competencies, including Team Building, Effective Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, and much more. As you gain an understanding of these and other concepts, you will become more comfortable training on the same. 

This course will introduce you to the Impact U Enterprises training and instructional methods, philosophies, and soft skills implementation strategies. The assignments associated with each section in this course are designed to make you more well-rounded and credible as a professional trainer; which, in some cases, may mean attending live training sessions, interfacing with company leadership, and participating in conference calls, webinars, and other online events hosted by Success Training Institute. You will also be expected to earn soft skills certifications and maintain other continuing education requirements. 

As you succeed, others around you will succeed as well. Trainers with Impact U Enterprises are constantly seeking to introduce life-changing soft skills courses to people in their circles, and you will want to do the same. When you earn certifications, we donate soft skills scholarships to those less fortunate. Our ultimate goal is for you to become more equipped than ever to achieve your personal and professional goals.  

Becoming a Certified Soft Skills Trainer has many benefits, and we want you to take advantage of them all! Consider this your first step in an incredible journey of fulfillment and achievement with Success Training Institute. 

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Welcome and Introduction

Soft Skill Focus
Live Lesson Focus
Podcast Focus
Section 2: Industry and Overview
Soft Skills Focus
Live Training Focus
Podcast Focus
Section 3: Motivational Speaking Vs. Professional
Soft Skills Focus: Team Building
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