Global Success Initiative

Impact U Enterprises™ is proud to announce its Global Success Initiative; which is aimed at equipping disadvantaged citizens of the world with the soft skills needed to get ahead in life.

Here’s how it works:

Each time an individual or company purchases a soft skills training course from Impact U Enterprises™, a free course will be donated to a victim of domestic violence, a disabled and or unemployed veteran, an at risk teenager or a single parent earning living below the poverty line.

In addition, the Global Success Initiative makes the impact in the region where each purchase is made. For example, if a customer purchases our soft skills training package from a Miami IP address, an underprivileged person in Miami will then become eligible to receive the same soft skills training at no cost.

This One for One Model is designed to empower the less fortunate; giving them increased confidence and competency with every certificate earned.

The Global Success Initiative allows us all to play a role in improving our world one person at a time.

A Gift That Keeps
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