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One of the primary sources of confidence is knowledge. Another is training. With Claflin University, you'll get both. With each lesson you complete, your confidence and skills will grow! Enroll today and see for yourself.


Imagine enjoying life to the fullest. Our training will equip you with the skills to drown out negativity and infuse your environment with success. Making the right choices and having the right training is the key!

Mental Toughness

Overcoming Adversity to reach your goals requires a certain mindset. Fortunately it's a skill that can be learned by taking courses with Claflin University! When you are faced with obstacles, you can thrive where others stumble!

Decision Making

There is a formula for making the right decisions, avoiding temptations and achieving your goals. With Claflin University, you will learn the formulas that are critical to your success. The first decision is to enroll in our training programs today!


The art of winning begins with making the most of what you have available. Have you carefully evaluated your talents and special abilities. You have many! It's just a matter of bringing them into the spotlight. Claflin University will help you make the most of your strengths


Time management, organization and attention to detail all require discipline. Employers want to know you have what it takes to win even when no one is watching. Our training programs will equip you for career readiness by teaching the fine art of discipline in every aspect of life and business.