Corporate Referral Program

Many of our members choose this path because they have vast professional networks that need soft skills training. 

This includes 

  • Public and Charter Schools
  • State Agencies
  • Local Businesses 
  • Colleges and Universities 
  • Corporations and National Brands

If you have a solid network of decision makers or influencers in any or all of the industries listed above, becoming a referral partner may be the perfect choice for you. Turn your high level contacts into soft skills contracts! 

We provide: 

  • Initial and Ongoing Training
  • Lead Submission Tools
  • Trackable Marketing Materials 
  • Certifications Upon Program Completion 
  • Sales Funnels and more! 

Once leads are submitted, our Corporate Support Team makes sure no potential deal slips through the cracks. You receive regular updates on the deal progress and a referral bonus once the deals are finalized. 

Soft skills is the fastest growing segment of the $500 billion corporate training industry and your referral efforts help expand the reach of our company; while increasing your earnings potential at the same time! 

Enroll in the training program today!