Dynamic Speakers

Enlightening. Engaging. Electrifying.

No boring lectures here. The dynamic training and development programs featured on the Social Impact Tour will change your life. The lessons are powerful, practical and proven to help you achieve greater levels of success.

All New Content At Each Stop!

Remember your favorite TV Show? You eagerly anticipated each new episode. The Social Impact Tour is the ONLY Empowerment event where the presentations, speaking topics and themes are different at each destination city.

Each event is just as amazing as the one before. You will be tempted to follow the Tour just to witness what happens at the next event.

You have never experienced this level of prolific professional development. Our video team masterfully records each session and attendees will receive details on how to access these one of a kind, extraordinary empowerment sessions.

Watch for the clip below for a sample of what you can expect:

Meet Dr. DL Wallace!

His energy is unmatched. His insight is unrivaled. His ability to inspire is undeniable.

DL Wallace is regarded as one of the nation’s foremost speakers and trainers. His content is original and cannot be found on social media sites. He normally reserves his live stage appearances for private audiences that are corporate partners of Success Training Institute, where he serves as CEO and Founder.

The Social Impact Tour is unleashing one of the best kept secrets in the professional development industry in the person of DL Wallace.

Dr. Wallace uses props, costumes, analogies, acronyms and NEVER does the same presentation twice! He is the most prolific speaker on the planet and you can see him live at each stop on the Tour.

He will be often accompanied by his wife, Dr. Melva Wallace, who serves as president and CEO of Huston-Tillotson University.


Social Impact Tour