Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie

Studies conducted by Harvard University, the Stanford Research Center and the Carnegie Foundation revealed that 85% of job success is based on soft skills; while only 15% is based on technical skills. 

McDonald’s UK

A Study conducted by McDonald’s UK revealed over a half million (535,000) UK workers will be held back by soft skills deficits by 2020. View Full Report

The McDonald’s UK study further revealed the annual expected loss of production due to soft skills deficits will surpass $8 Billion by the year 2020. View Full Report

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Research conducted by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation revealed the following:

  • Recent college graduates and employers agree soft skills are important for workplace success.
  • There is a gap between how prepared college students think they are and how prepared employers find them to be.
  • Recent college graduates and employers agree that a certificate course in soft skills training would be beneficial for college students

Seven out of ten recent college graduates say they would have invested significant time in soft skills training while in college. (Source: US Chamber of Commerce) View Full Report